Bluetongue Virus Reference Strain Sequences

BTV reference strain VP2 sequences
Many strains of Bluetongue virus have been sequenced and the sequences submitted to the international sequence databases (such as EMBL-EBI).

On this page are the accession numbers of sequences belonging to the Bluetongue virus reference strains.

The accession numbers are linked to their EMBL-EBI records. clciking on the link will open the record in a new page.

(reference strain)

Segment 1 (VP1) Segment 2 (VP2) Segment 3 (VP3) Segment 4 (VP4) Segment 5 (NS1) Segment 6 (VP5) Segment 7 (VP7) Segment 8 (NS2) Segment 9 (VP6) Segment 10 (NS3)
BTV 01 (RSArrrr/01) JX680457 JX680458 JX680459 JX680460 JX680461 JX680462 JX680463 JX680464 JX680465 JX680466
BTV 02 (RSArrrr/02) KP820910 KP821030 KP821152 KP821272 KP821392 KP821512 KP821634 KP821754 KP821944 KP821995
BTV 03 (RSArrrr/03) KP820919 KP821039 KP821161 KP821281 KP821401 KP821521 KP821643 KP821763 KP821883 KP822004
BTV 04 (RSArrrr/04) KP820946 KP821066 KP821188 KP821308 KP821428 KP821548 KP821670 KP821790 KP821910 KP822031
BTV 05 (RSArrrr/05)   KP821101       KP821582   AM900378    
BTV 06 (RSArrrr/06) GQ506498 AJ585127 GQ506499 GQ506500 GQ506501 AJ586703 GQ506502 GQ506503 GQ506504 GQ506505
BTV 07 (RSArrrr/07)   AJ585128       AJ586704 DQ465026       
BTV 08 (RSArrrr/08) KP820956 KP821076 KP821198 KP821318 KP821438 KP821558 KP821680 KP821800 KP821920 KP822041
BTV 09 (RSArrrr/09) KP820968 KP821088 KP821210 KP821330 KP821450 KP821570 KP821692 KP821812 KP821932 KP822053
BTV 10 (RSArrrr/10)   AJ585131         AJ586709        
BTV 11 (RSArrrr/11)   AJ585132       AJ586710         
BTV 12 (RSArrrr/12)   KP821100       KP821583        
BTV 13 (RSArrrr/13)   AJ585134       AJ586713        
BTV 14 (RSArrrr/14) KP820863 KP820983 KP821105 KP821225 KP821345 KP821465 KP821587 KP821707 KP821827 KP821948
BTV 15 (RSArrrr/15) KP820864 KP820984 KP821106 KP821226 KP821346 KP821466 KP821588 KP821708 KP821828 KP821949
BTV 16 (RSArrrr/16) JX129381 AJ585149 DQ186796 JX129382 AM773707 AJ586719 JX129383 JX129384 JX129385 JX129386
BTV 17 (RSArrrr/17)   AJ585138       AJ586720        
BTV 18 (RSArrrr/18)   AJ585139       AJ586721        
BTV 19 (RSArrrr/19)   AJ585140       AJ586722 DQ465028       
BTV 20 (RSArrrr/20)   AJ585141       AJ586723   AM900380    
BTV 21 (RSArrrr/21)   AJ585142       AJ586724    AM900390    
BTV 22 (RSArrrr/22)   AJ585143       AJ586725        
BTV 23 (RSArrrr/23)   AJ585144       AJ586727         
BTV 24 (RSArrrr/24)   AJ585145       AJ586730         
BTV 25 (Toggenburg orbivirus) GQ982522 EU839840 GQ982523 GQ982524 EU839841 EU839842 EU839843 EU839844 EU839845 EU839846
BTV 26 (KUW2010/02) JN255156 HM590642 HM590643 JN255157 JN255158 JN255159 HM590644 JN255160 JN255161 JN255162
BTV 27 (BTV-27/FRA2014/v02) KU760987 KU760988 KU760989 KU760990 KU760991 KU760992 KU760993 KU760994 KU760995 KU760996

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